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Through the involvement in software selection process for a client in Hong Kong in 2005, SOTO was first introduced to WiseTech.


Today SOTO Consulting is a Certified Cargowise Service Partner for WiseTech Global Products and Services

The Vision behind CargoWise:

WiseTech believes that global trade and enhanced logistics enriches the world. With everything they do, it is believed to be advancing human potential. Designing solutions that take away constraints and repetitive tasks, with productivity at the center of everything. These innovations and global technology empower and enable the world’s supply chains. People and teams around the world are aligned in the vision to create the operating system for global logistics.


About CargoWise:

CargoWise is a powerful, deeply integrated global logistics execution platform that makes trade easy. It helps logistics companies manage seismic changes in global trade, from increasing tariffs, regulation, and taxes, to surging ecommerce volumes and margin pressures.

Enabling you to execute highly complex logistics transactions and manage your operations on one database across multiple users, functions, offices, countries, currencies, and languages. This single-platform solution automates and optimizes processes throughout your business - giving you transparency and control. For more information visit:

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Our consultants are Certified Partner    Level and are Certified for the following

CargoWise product competencies


 • Operational Accounting (GOLD)

 • Finance & Accounting (GOLD)

 • Forwarding  (GOLD)

 • Customs     


 • Transport 


 • Warehouse


 • Liner / Agency   


 • CRM & Tariff Management


 • Setup & Maintenance of Workflow,    

   DocBuilder  & System Configuration

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